Presenting TransLucent Modal

by sisccr

POPUp view with a translucent background is simple way to add a cool effect on our app.

My storyBoard settings is show in this figure.

Its a simple view with little bit of opacity. Note that Alpha value is 0.8 and its backgroundColor is Black.

popUp view is simply just an another view.


First grab that popUp viewController.

 let popUp = UIStoryboard.storyBoardWith(sbType: .ClubDetail).viewController() as RatingPopUp2

Then set the Modal presentation style. It defines how this modal should be presented.

 popUp.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationStyle.OverCurrentContext

Since I have  all viewControllers setup in a tabBarController, I want to present this view from the rootViewController, So that the tab bar settings remains behind this view.

So, I grab the RootViewcontroller and present this view from it.

let rootViewController = UIApplication.sharedApplication().keyWindow?.rootViewController
 rootViewController?.presentViewController(popUp, animated: true, completion: nil)


A Sleek effect 🙂