Kathmandu, Nepal

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I am technology maniac and love hardwiring Electronics and talking to them via software. So long, as far as I remember, I have been enthusiastically pursuing my dreams in field of engineering. I am a curious self-learner driven with huge motivation. I have good grasp of object oriented programming. I have working level experience with c, Embedded c, c++, Ruby, Ruby and rails, Arduino, RaspberryPi, Swift, Embedded system design and development


2007-2012               B.E electronics and communication

Skills Stack

  •  Solid Understanding of oop and its best practices
  •  Arduino, Raspberry Pi , embedded c
  • Electronics system, from ideas to reality
  •  Exteremely efficient in version control using Git
  •  HTML ,Css and javascript (these are basics stacks. I dont like to play with these anyway)
  • Web application
    •  Ruby On Rails
  •  Excellent Team player
  •  Excellent Communication Skills
  • Fast paced and consistent and dedicated learner
  • Ios
    • Swift 2, swift 3
    • Cocoapods
  • Self-driven and hugely motivated­­­­­­, enthusiastic. Love to live life to full.


 College Experience:

  • LOCUS:
    • Locus is a popular exhibition and competition among the technology enthusiastic in Nepal. It is organized yearly. We went to this exhibition with our Line Tracking Robot. It was a very good experience.
    • locus


Dristi is a yearly programme organized by Kathmandu Engineering College. We participated in Dristi with our cool gadget like water level controller, Remote Control For Home Appliance.


Led Cube:
Probably the first led Cube in Nepal. This was the toughest project I have Ever faced in my Electronics Journey. And this was the project that taught us A lots of things too. Out of all the things it Taught, The most important one was “Never give up and try enthusiastically till the last moment.”

Back then at 2008 – 2009 there were just a few videos of this project. There were very few and limited resources about how it was done. We planned to finish this project in 2 months but took a year to complete. Eventually this became our final year project.

Professional Experience 

Breakevent pvt. Ltd. (2012-2014):

I was a chief Embedded system designer. I have accomplish many challenging task and some critical ones too. I have “Always” loved to designed electronics system. Here, I brought out my craziest of me with my team and manage to pull some out of it.

During these years we managed to pull off some very good experience

  • Low cost high precision temperature controller:
    High precision digital temperature controller for baby warmer(low cost child incuabator) which is still in operation in Kathmandu medical college used to incubate infants.
  • Snooker timer:
    This was first time digital products introduced in one of the snooker house in jawalakhel. It calculates the time and cost for every session and logs them in memory card.It runs a c firmware in AtMega32 chip.
  • Infinite Mirror:
    We managed to surprise one of our client in pokhara with this product. It’s an unique and big digital hoading board which gives an illusion of infinite depth of light.
  • Water Level controller:
    This is a very innovative product. It can sense your water tank’s level and can decide weather its time to fill water or not. It also auto cut off the motor after the tank is full.
  • Jyaasa Technology ( 2015- 2016)
 I was a web developer in Jyaasa technologies. Here I get chance to get involve in many Web based projects. My task was to develop and deliver quality products and work in and exiciting team environment.
    • My responsibility include but not limited to bug fixing, adding new feature to several site as required by the client. I was responsible was to research and list out the key tools to be used in the new project. I lead the project’s initial phase and configure it with database of our choice and set up the testing tools. I designed the flow and low-fidelity mock ups for the project delivering the concise gist of the project and further improvising the ideas and feedback taken from the client. My key responsibility was to deliver a robust application with a quality and maintainable code.

      • it is a rental application as online cloth renting system. Initially, My task is to find a solution to the bugs raised in production. Later on I implemented the changes and added features as requested by the client.




This was the In house project for the official Jyaasa Wesite. The old site was static. I changed the all static pages to dynamic pages. I added the Blog and Implemented the Admin User. The blog post was written using Ckedtior. I implemented the Subscription and all emailing system. I also implemented the password reset functionality and many small features regarding both design and development.



It was designed to connect client and doctors in an efficient and hastle free way. I Initiated this project. I researched all features to be used and documented it. I researched and listed out the tools to be used for the projects. I developed an the site’s mockups. And initiated the first phase in both design and development.

Ekebana(2016- present):

I am currently working as an ios developer in Ekbana. I enjoyed every time I spent learning about ios programming.

Here I was asked to make a project for proof of concept. The idea was to create a fence (a close area) in a map, and whenever any users using our app enters or leaves the area, It will raise notification.

Although new to application programming, I was solo developer for the Poc project. I developed the my first ios application.



This is a social Networking app that incorporates google maps, geofence and geolocation tracking.



Play Darts in Network. DartsCool is a social platform for darts lover. It is Integrated with China’s famous payment system wee Pay.

Link to Appstore.